Breathe Sure / Breathe Safe mini Respiratory Monitor, Apnea Monitor

This tiny monitor, smaller than a cigarette pack, makes a great apnea alert monitor. The small microprocessor beeps with every breath with a very high sensitivity. 1/2W x 21/4L x 11/2D. 3oz

Monitors Respiration and periods of Apnea. It has an audible beep that is triggered by each new respiration, facilitating medical follow up during anesthetic procedures.  An alarm is triggered during a possible respiratory arrest.

Used in Veterinary Anesthetic and Surgical procedures. Pet Product.

Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use: just connect between endotracheal tube and anesthesia circuit
  • No adjustments: a sophisticated algorithm recognizes and indicates every breath with a beep, working from a 1 lb. kitten to a 200 lb. St. Bernard
  • Apnea alert; a distinctive alert sounds if patient fails to breathe for 45 seconds
  • Auto shut-off
  • A high density long-life lithium battery provides years of service
  • Long beep alarm when turned on
  • Sequence of small beeps when turning off
  • Audible beeps at each new respiration
  • Alarms in Apnea situation
  • Breathe Sure, Breathe Safe, Breath Sure, Breath Safe
  • Delta Life